How can I save money on my real estate and mortgage expenses?

- The biggest money saver in real estate is to buy or sell your a property yourself and skip the real estate agents.

- Maintain the upkeep of your home as it adds value to it when you are selling.

- When buying a house get a detailed inspection done and try to have the seller pick up the tab on any repairs, you can also have the seller decrease the sales price in exchange for you to do the needed repairs.

- Since curb appeal is so important, always maintain the landscaping of your front yard, this leaves a good impression on a buyer when you are selling your home.

- Try to find bank repossessions or foreclosures, they are usually a bit under the market value of the property.

- If you plan to sell a house you are buying in a certain amount of years, look into adjustable rate mortgages as they usually offer lower rates than fixed mortgages.

- If you choose to use a real estate agent, try to bargain their commissions. A half percent in commission can be thousands of dollars!

- When moving into or out of your home try to do the moving yourself rather than hiring professionals.

- When moving, have a moving sale to get rid of items you will not be using in your new house.

- When obtaining real estate financing, shop around. Rates vary from lender to lender.

- Try to avoid paying PMI (mortgage insurance), when buying a property ask your lender what you can do to avoid it as it may cost up to a few thousand dollars each year, depending on the amount you are financing.

- Never rush into a mortgage or real estate transaction, shop around, make sure you are comfortable with everything, and then make your decision.




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