How can I save money on my shopping expenses?

- CLIP COUPONS!!! Be a coupon monitor. Its amazing how much money you can save. Some markets offer double coupons. For instance if an item costs $3 and you have a coupon that gets you $1 dollar when at a market using double coupons you just saved $2 off a $3 product! You can easily save anywhere from $50 to $100 on your weekly shopping trips (of course depending on how much you).

- Look for liquidation, going out of business, and post seasonal sales. Usually going out of business sales are like yard sales...haggle! Always buy your Christmas cards and ornaments the day after Christmas, they are most discounted then. Buy your children's Halloween costume the day after Halloween. Being a frequent shopper at yard sales can save you tons of money and sometimes make some for you. The best time to go to a yard sale to get the best deals is Sunday early afternoon, as the sellers are willing to discount their prices and at times give them away for free to get rid of their items. Other times a seller will sell an item which is worth a lot more than what you paid.

- Always make a list of what you need to buy before you go to any store. Don't give in the temptation and instant gratification, if it isn't on your list then you probably do not need it.

-If the market you shop at has a rewards club, its a must to join. You get discounts and at times free items.

- Given the fact that there is more or less no difference between a brand name product and a store's generic product, go for the generic product you can usually save about $0.50 on each item you buy.

- Given the fact that our time is money, if feasible go shopping late in the evenings, the lines are much shorter and you can save anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour of wasted time.

- Avoid buying clothes and clothing accessories from malls, go to discounters such as Ross, Mervyn's, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, etc.




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